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The Good Soldier
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Granta 7: Best of Young British Novelists
Granta: The Magazine of New Writing, Bill Buford
Overlord: D-Day and the Battle for Normandy
Max Hastings
William Boyd
Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe
Peter D. Ward, Donald Brownlee
Laurent Binet, Sam Taylor Mullens
Richer Than God: Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing Up
David Conn
One Summer: America, 1927
Bill Bryson
Dixie Lullaby: A Story of Music, Race, and New Beginnings in a New South
Mark Kemp

The Fry Chronicles : An Autobiography

The Fry Chronicles - Stephen Fry In the foreword Stephen apologises for using so many pages for so short a period of time but in my hardback edition the type is so enormous that this is practically a large print book. That I would have liked it to be longer is, I suppose, a compliment, but I also felt that there was a lot of filler: long lists of broadcasters, radio programmes, breakfast cereals and sweets that couldn't mean a lot to anyone not born in Britain in the 1950s.And if you catch yourself writing "Oh god, I sound like a tour guide ... because I'm quoting from the website" then there's a clue you've gone on too long. More about Stephen himself rather than the institutions he patronised/that patronised him would have been nice.Two volumes of autobiography and we've only got to the age of 30 - his is undoubtedly an interesting life but I'm not sure if it's *that* interesting. Is this really any different to twentysomething footballers and X-Factor winners having their biographies published before they can be said to have really, truly lived?